How Honest Can You Be

How Honest Can You Be?

How Honest Can You Be with Someone You Talking Too?
I asked the guys around me this. And so say they want nothing but the truth. And I asked what they thought they were being told the truth about. And I said can you have a honest talk about her having sex while you and her get to know each other? And all of them say they don’t want to know. So I push it and ask why not? Most of them say they don’t care. And the others don’t want to know. So how can you be Honest and that one thing never comes up?
I myself want and need to know. What’s the point of talking to you and that never comes up. And if we both can talk and enjoy each other. Not only that I want to go deeper and we both will get to know things about each other that might take 10yrs to find out. I want to know things other men are too scared to know.
So I want you to try something for me. Jump on my Jpay and send me an email and we can continue this. You can ask whatever you have on your mind and we can go deeper than you ever have and will. So come with your first questions and see if we both can learn something.
Outside of being good Lookin I’m funny. Patrick Johnson #A391134

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