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Hood Customs; They’re nonsense

Why do we “hood” people misconstrue loyalty to mean advocating for, indulging in and perpetuating nonsense? Holding steadfast to beliefs and customs is synonymous to loyalty, but keep it from being ignorance and stupidity; case in point… I involve myself in a dice game, KNOWING that i have an equal chance at losing money as to winning it. Im consistantly losing, until im at my last $100; i bet, i lose, ending me broke. I now expect the winner to leave me some, if not half, of the winnings; he declines, so i now get angry, get a gun and cause him harm. WHY!? Firstly, we didnt pre-stipulate that leaving the losing party with any money was appropriate; second, i wasnt forced to bet all of my money, but chose to. So with all of these decisions being my own, why am i harming the next patron? Its STUPID!! Yet, this is a custom we abide by, because we consider it being “loyal” to hood sh*t. Next, theres the drug “connect” (plug) who causes harm (or pays to have it done) to me because i chose to not wait for that plug to “re-up”, but buy from a different plug. WHY!? Firstly, we both are drug dealing for fast money (emphasis on fast), so if you dont have whats needed at the moment its needed, and i choose to go elsewhere, HOW THE F*CK can you be upset? For one, im not obligated to buy ONLY from you; second, you cant expect for me to lose the potential $10,000 i have waiting for me just because YOU dont have what i need at the moment i need it! I buy from someone else with NO contracts or guarantees of me only buying from you, so now you consider me being disloyal… THATS STUPID! Listen, hoods (and projects/slums) everywhere – these ideologies must be abolished IMMEDIATELY! As does the killing. GROW THE F*CK UP, PEOPLE! Blessings

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