her body worshiped

Her Body Worshiped

Not really sure what or how to write a blog, because I have no plans on ever becoming a blogger. So ima utilize this free airtime to speak on what it is I exactly like, what I’m into and what I’m looking for exactly in a woman!

I prefer a very sexual femdom! I’m not saying I’m a 100% sub, just prefer a woman who’s into playing the role of the dominant boss, dean, college professor or correctional officer and so on…

I’m looking for a femdom who’s determined to have her body worshiped! She has to have pretty toes and feet and don’t mind having them kissed, licked, sucked, massaged and worshiped by her lover daily! She has to love and enjoy foreplay. She has to crave attention, appreciation, and affection!

She must love and enjoy to receive oral pleasure and satisfaction (vagina & anal) daily, because these are the things I’m into. I prefer someone who’s much older because I don’t believe someone of my age or younger would be a challenge. At 31 years old, I’m comfy with what I like and don’t like sexually. And I’m not afraid to speak or act on it.

Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

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