Heavy Heart by Garret Taylor

This is written and inspired from a heavy heart filled with conviction and that being said I ask the forgivness of life itself. WE as men have experienced so much negativity directly and indirectly that I dont think we realize the monster of our own creation. A man is a man dispite however he is seen thru the eyes of another, and for him to be treated with less respect than that is deplorable. Me personally from my observation we tend to treat people different out of stupidity and to call it anything less is ignorance of ones own actions.

Now when I say this, this is directed to everyone because in some way we have all done it, for example. One might say I dont like him beause he looks different, or he talks different, and even worse he or she is not from where I’m from. These are not good reasons to degrade any man but it is done in all walks of life. Somehow the world became lost and so divided that the treasure of being unique have been forgotten. Man has become it’s own worse enemy pitting black against white and man against woman. In all religions the word is a word of faith not of color or who was first that is not the message, the message is love and to cherish all forms of life that inherit this world we all share.

If we dont stop and recognize the obvious tomorrow will never be because yesterday cannot be forgotten.

Written by Garrett Taylor

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