Friendship and Love

Friendship and Love

Whether inside or outside, friendship and love go hand in hand like an invisible tie that binds. However, from inside, it’s more intense because you’re utilizing the bare essentials of both communication and expression. Whenever that raw truth and honesty is exposed, it has attraction powers that can sometimes pull a person inside of themselves to face certain realities that they may not be ready to handle. Which is why so many seemingly confuse purpose with love & thus blur the perimeter of friendship. Now, on the outside it’s a bit different because now-a-days you can just google glitter and enjoy the remainder of the season. This process can become extremely difficult when two people with no direction meet up, it’s like a pointless deadline, “It’s necessary, but how?”. My Mom told me that most relationships fail because most people bypass the friendship aspect of the build and go right into expectations and obligations that are briefer than the gratification. So it’s a blessing to have both friendship and love inside first, in order to secondly receive, show and prove it on the outside.

I’m very grateful for having this platform to share my opinion on such an important topic. Due to incarceration being the top selling stock we’re considered and treated as cattle; slowly walking the green mile. Without family to help one navigate through the more often dark times a lot of once strong, focused individuals become institutionalized and lose themselves somewhere between the beginning and the ending. To have a friend on the outside is like being granted parole. You can’t help but constantly smile outside because you’re feeling so good inside. Guidelines the system uses to break us down no longer affect us but instead, lends us a moment of clarity to see what else they want to deprive us of and enough room to side step yet another pitfall. A friendship is also a sign to the world that someone still loves and/or cares about us, that we have a voice outside that can be heard if need be. Friendship is that strength to keep our head up when our reserve strength acts like it wants to fail us. And these blessings of friendship and love are appreciated by reciprocating the exact. It’s a feeling that you are a part of something meaningful with someone when you can ask the store clerk to give you a card for Valentine’s or Sweeties day. Simply having someone to think about and being able to let them know they’re being thought about is a gift from God.

Unfortunately, we in here don’t usually see that blessing until everything has been taken away from us. So don’t think its strange when your loved one or friend within starts becoming attracted to you and the feelings go beyond friendship. They just thawed out and their Christ heart has been activated. Like the faith of Zion; in the matrix, friendship & love is that unexplainable life force that allows us to walk through the valley of the shadow of death with a smile and an optimistic attitude. It’s important to our person as well as our tomorrows because it enforces the probability of a successful resurrection. It’s a little continuous voice in your mind to keep the peace, a warm feeling throughout the winter, a cool breeze across your face in the summer, an extended smile under a spring sunrise and more importantly, that needed rainfall to help cleanse you. Once this simple state of mental bliss is achieved inside, it’s relatively easy to show your appreciation in so many ways. This goes for those who aren’t physically incarcerated as well. We maintain this gift; as my favorite song entitled “Cherish The Day”. Or as I’ve recently become aware of there are 1,440 minutes in a day, use as many of those minutes as possible to create positive memories for future opportunities with your chosen one. Thank you for this moment of your time, and thank you for allowing me to positively utilize a moment of my time.

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