Free World

Free World

I’m looking for a good opportunity in this Free World to meet that right one with 100% heart and soul. That’s so good and just to work on the good life. No type. The one that will fill me up with love and change someone. Not anyone, but the right one. I can do anything u know. Why? Cuz this a free world.

I look and look to find it. In this free world, it’s about real trust and 100% good heart for this good man in prison. I won’t let nothing stop me and I hope you won’t let it do the same to you and keep you from meeting a young good man in this free world. Just want to live life with someone. I don’t care if you’re old, young or BBW. I go with the heart. We all need someone. Life is too short to want to have this and that in this free good world. I hope we can talk more… Free World.

Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

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