Eyes Wide Open

”Eyes Wide Open”

For years I kept having run ins with the same c-o. Every single passing, conversation, and side eye was always negative and aggressive in every way. I didn’t always handle it the best way possible, so one day I decided his problem would no longer be mine. I treated him as if he didn’t exist. Which in turn bothered him deeply lol.

One day he came to my cell, took in a deep breath, and apologized. More than surprised I asked why the change of heart, and why he acted the way he did anyway? He explained he knew the victim in my case and held a hard grudge against me. But recently another staff member showed him a site with detailed facts that proved I was innocent. He explained his heart dropped when he realized he’d never heard any of these stories or issues during my trial or even in the media. We came to an understanding.
Read my story and follow my path to freedom.

I’m coming home.


Photo by Jonathan Taylor on Unsplash

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  1. You deserve the respect and kindness that you are now given. I love that you are writing about your experience you are going home!! God speed young man!

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