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“Dumb ass ideals of human interaction”

We all know that being in a relationship entails not cheating, especially with a friend or family member of ones partner; however, some believe that this expectation is applicable when the relationship ends… ITS NOT! How can someone be expected to not accept love? If you are an ex, you no longer have any say so as to who your ex can be with. If he/she chooses to date your parent, cousin, sibling, grandparent, friend, ect. after you guys’ breakup, they can do that! And yes, even if you have children. People say, “if she/he has kids with my sibling, then my kids will be cousins and siblings, and thats not right”. Why isnt it? If we believe that we all descend from Adam and Eve then were all related anyway, right? We all say that God works in mysterious ways, but we dont accept the ways in which he works: example – even if you were married 10+ years to your ex and divorced, obviously that wasnt your soulmate. However, your sibling may be his/her soulmate, and God intended for that person to meet their soulmate by first having them in your life. Again, we dont accept it, though. Something else salubrious to this situation is convenience. Say your ex is keeping your children away from you; well, if he/she now dates your sibling, you can have your children back in your life because im pretty sure the sibling wont allow for you not to be in your childrens’ lives if they have any input. Moreso, its safer for the kids because you now know the person in the household with access to your children, and not having to worry if the new person is a pedophile or crazy person. The new guy could be blinding her with great sex, to where shes “dick-matized”, and not realizing hes a creep because she has good sex. With it being your sibling, theyre going to protect them as much as you would because your kids are their family. Generally anyway, you cant say who your ex can date after you because theyre no longer your problem. So, STOP this stupid ideal! Its illogical.

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