domestic counseling

Domestic Counseling

So, what led me to pursuing a career in domestic counseling is the strange phenomena of abuse being the ultimate show of love and affection.

I met a woman online and we had been talking a year and a half. She would always comment how nonchalant I seemed about things, to which I explained that emotion can’t really be expressed in a healthy manner through a twenty minute call or an email. Reason being we would likely get to the airing grievance stage and the voice will come and say “you have one minute left” leaving us with a fresh wound and no means of actually working through or healing it. So I proposed we spoke in sessions about our issues, she agreed.We began having the talks and she got more and more upset with me until she finally said ” You can’t possibly love me, and you never get mad, you never yell, you never argue with me where is the passion?”

I promise I do not get this at all. Am I truly expected to degrade and belittle my love in order to prove it is real? Furthermore are women so scarred from years of abuse that affection by any other means is overlooked if the threat of violence isn’t present?Tell me: At what point did love go from being the essence of life to being a weapon?

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  1. Some people can’t stay. And the right people can never leave. Keep your head up. I pray you find someone that will accept you for who you are because you deserve that.

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