does love really still exist?

does love really still exist?

Once there was a man who loved like no one else until he loved people who didn’t deserve his love. so through a couple of broken hearts later, he wanted to give up on love. It’s too much pain and suffering that comes with giving your heart to a woman who really does not love you like she says she does.

Does love really still exist?, or is it just a figment of my imagination? I just got out of a bad marriage which only lasted a short year and a half, due to a lack of one not wanting to communicate and being a liar. see you try to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but when a person shows you the real them believe it and move on quickly before you dive headfirst into a marriage just because of a little attention and getting over your first marriage, plus being vulnerable. If love does really still exist, I am praying that someone can help ease the pain of heartbreak by being a friend that’s been through the same as me. I need and would like some type of understanding.

I hate when a person has been hurt so bad that they compare you to the person that caused the pain they now feel. you be like I’m sorry for what happened to you but don’t treat me the same way as him. Either let’s start fresh or I must step back from a tragedy that will surely occur. so if love does still really exist, I really need help to find that road once again. peace and blessings to all those who read my blog and if you want to respond to it go on and sign up on my email account, be sure to purchase stamps for yourself so we can respond back and forth. I do have my own stamps. Well, please enjoy the rest of your day…

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