Do You See What I See??

All my life I’ve been searching for people who look at life the same way I do. But being as pure hearted, and trustworthy as I am, has caused me to let my guard down and allow people close to me who I thought had my best interest to turn their backs on me when I need them most. I now know the meaning out of sight out of mind. Most people don’t understand you should love and think about a person more when their not around. How else can you keep them alive in your heart. Growing up I thought friendship was based on who you grew up with and how long we have known them but now I’m older I know it’s about how much pain you’ve been through with them an still managed to be friends once you’re healed. I’m just trying to play the match game with my heart and mind along with someone else’s because only then will true love and friendship survive. I’ve lost a lot of friends and family over distance and time and now that I’m on my way home. It is going to be hard to adapt to life with out most of the people I have grew up with, but hopefully with the help of I can gain more than I’ve lost. Anyone who joins this site already has a trust I’m needing in someone else. The understanding that once a person has been stripped of their dignity and freedom they need more than ever to know someone has their back and is there to help ease their pain.

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