different cloth


Are you woman enough to accept the thoughts of a man who has been captive for years? So many years in fact he kneels to embrace each tear that falls from your flawless face. Are you woman enough to see with your sparkling eyes beyond the torment and mental scars that molded the presence of my life? My incarceration is only temporary. However, the new journey that I’ve chosen comes with a new thirst for life knowledge and companionship. One of the world’s most sought after secrets is happiness. Happiness starts with conversation and communication. I’m in need of someone open to building an intimate friendship. Bedsides my kids, what I miss most is the touch of a woman. Deeper appreciation of womanhood is a hard lesson I feel on a regular basis. I’m tired and done with all of the games that come along with relationships and with that being said If I have managed to pique your interest, please pursue your curiosity. You can find me by downloading the jpay app and looking up Anthony Gibson Doc# 365075

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