Denied Adequate HealthCare

Denied Adequate HealthCare At Grafton Corr. Inst.
The oddest thing–yet quite normal for those who have died because of cancer misdiagnosis here–happened to me today. I was transported to a third world country within the prison facility. On 6-9-21, I paid a third visit to the institutional infirmary in relation to a pain that has been tormenting my throat for over a week. Many possible causes could be to blame in my opinion, from the vents caked with a disaster of dead skin cells and other bacteria funneling out of rusty old filters, or the food we’re sold or fed from menus.

My first visit was protocol, my second visit was with the Doctor, she flashed a light in my mouth, took a stick and hovered it over my tongue, checked my ears, “A bird nest,” she said. I laughed because I did need to clean my ears. However, she only suggested salt water, and gave me some outrageous diagnosis that still trips me out. Following the visit I tried it, salt water and the cough drops I’d been given. However they didn’t work. My third visit, the pain had worsened. During the visit to the nurse he told me there was nothing he could do because the doctor had seen me already. He suggested I go over her head.

Third world country, being told I couldn’t be checked on unless I took it up with someone over the Doctor’s head exposed to me why so many people in the past had perished because of incompetence.

I was sentenced to a prison sentence, not execution

Terry Little #562207

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