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Life is full of decisions. In fact, life is all about decisions. You have the right decision and the wrong decision. There is no other. But sometimes the wrong decisions feel right based upon the circumstances . And the right decisions may feel wrong.

Let me give some examples. You’re broke and your car note is due. You find yourself behind a Brinks truck on your way to work and the door manages to come open somehow. A large bundle of money falls out the back of the truck, but the driver is unaware and keeps on going. There’s nobody around but you. You think about it for a quick sec but the greatness of temptation suffocates
your morals. The next thing you know, you are jumping out of the vehicle and grabbing the money to put in the car.

Your heart races with nervousness. Your eyes dart from mirror to mirror as you search for police and possible witnesses. Your hands tremble as you
struggle to grip the steering wheel as your short drive home feels like an eternity. But you made it through the door without the sound of sirens following. Still uncertain, you peek through the curtains again and again with your stomach flip flopping through the anxiety. Hours pass before you attempt to count the money. It’s a life changing number that makes you smile because your financial woes are soon to be nonexistent. A restless night follows with tossing and turning but you manage to get an hour or two of sleep.

The next morning is filled with the usual routine as you prep for your day to begin. But this day the shower and breakfast are followed by some morning
news at which time you see the story about the Brinks truck losing the money. Despite the fear that fills you, you have bills that need to be paid. So you go about your day by first paying your car note, then your house note and some groceries and filling the tank up with some gas. It gives you a sense of joy as you head off to work where the co-workers bring up the news coverage about the Brinks truck. Scared to death on the inside but not showing it to the coworkers, you complete your shift at work and head home to be with the family I failed to mention that you have. Unfortunately, as you pull into your driveway the police swarm in on you with sirens blaring and guns drawn on you in front of your two teenage children.

When you picked up the money, there were no witnesses to your actions. However, the cameras at two businesses near the scene caught it all along with the license plate number of your car. And because of the amount of money taken, it is a felony. But not just a felony, a felony in an election year and the judge and prosecutor are ready to throw the book you. Because that is the case, you find yourself taking a plea of five years. Short time to some, but a lifetime to you. Tears run down the faces of your loved ones and your self as the judge hands down the sentence. Five long years of uncertainty. And all you know about prison is what you’ve seen on TV. And you’re asking yourself if that was exaggerated, accurate or played down. Whatever the case, you’re going to prison and will find out soon enough.

As if prison wasn’t enough punishment, here comes the kicker. The very car that you didn’t want to lose is now repossessed and you’ve lost your house also. And the children are now in foster care leaving you wondering if they are exposed to some of the nightmares that you’ve heard about in the media. On top of all that, you are ordered to repay the money that you spent, and to pay court cost and fines. One bad decision and you are worse off than you could have imagined before you took the money. Now you lost everything and still owe money when you are released. And the job search is more difficult because of the felony conviction.

Other options were available besides taking the money. You could’ve asked for an extension of time to make payment. You could’ve asked for an advance from your employer. You could’ve turned the money in and possibly gotten a reward that would’ve covered your bills. So as you can see, a poor choice was clearly made. This is a classic case of the wrong decision seeming right because your pockets had more lint than money.

Now here is an example of the right decision feeling wrong. I believe this is something a lot of people might be able to relate to. You are friends with a couple, and while out and about you see the male with another woman. It catches you off guard because from everything you ever seen or heard, you thought that they were a very happy and faithful couple. They have been together for some years have three children. They are members of the church and often volunteer their time to assist church events.

You are unaware if this female that you see him with is a relative or something to that effect of complete innocence, but the curiosity within you tells you to observe at a distance to see what’s going on. Your desire to want to trust that this is nothing leaves you overlooking the signs that you would otherwise see. But the time comes when they embrace in a lingering hug that inspires a passionate kiss. Wait a minute! Cousins don’t do that. Yep, your suspicions are correct unfortunately, and you are in shock and burning up with anger.

His cheating behind is your friend. But his wife has been your best friend since your elementary days, back when you still fantasized about some day marrying your prince charming like most little girls. So you have to do something about it. But what do you do ? You have a few options , but you choose to tell your friend all the details. Tears fall rapidly as she sobs with the anchor of anger and hurt weighing heavily in her shredded heart. She’s yelling and cussing as you try to console her. You can already envision her clawing his eyes out as she yells at him. But you had not idea of what really was about to happen.

You proceed to leave her home . You tell her that if she needs you to give you a call. She thanks you, and you walk out the door. Later on that night, her husband comes home. Drunk and angry, the friend is up waiting and thinking that her husband has embarrassed and betrayed their family. He walks into the bedroom unknowing that she is aware of his secret. No words are spoken. Three shots are fired hitting the husband in the chest. He falls with his hand clutching his wounded regrets. Your friend turns the gun on herself and fires one shot to her head. Death was instant. The irony is the cheating husband survives and your friend is dead. You never saw it playing out that way because you didn’t think of all the possibilities that could come out of you telling your friend. You saw outcome “A” and ” B”. You forgot that the alphabet ends with “Z”, and now it’s too late to change things with “if”. “If” has no power to turn back the clock to an alternate decision that allows the heart to go on. “If” is just old seed that you try to plant but will never grow, no matter how much your tears water it.

This is the case of the right decision feeling wrong. You could’ve waited until you got the husband alone and confronted him with the facts. By you making “him” aware that you know about his side chic and that he is jeopardizing his wife and family, he might’ve been deterred and brought back to reality. Your friend could still be alive.

We all make decisions that are both good and bad as we make our walk through this life. If we take the time to put more thought into our decision making , the odds will likely favor us making better decisions which could have a more positive impact on our lives and the lives of others. That’s a fact that I hope will position you to be more blessed. Just a little something to think about.

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  1. Druce,
    Words cannot explain how happy I was to see you in here. I hope that you are doing well… All things considered. It’s been a lifetime since I’ve seen you, or that you were at my house on Brandon. My mother still to this day talked about taking you home from my house one night and you reached over and locked her door. She said that’s who you really are!!! I hope that this finds you in good spirits and good health. I will be looking into trying to write you more now for sure… I’ve attached my email address but here it is again in case you couldn’t see it. please brother, write me, let’s catch up… Hope to hear from you soon my guy!!!
    Always your friend,
    Dave DeSalvo

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