Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

Where are you? What’s your ETA? I can’t believe that you still haven’t revealed yourself to me. I’ve been making myself available on these pen pal services, hoping that by putting myself out there, it’d be easier for you to find me.

Here I am, waiting on you as if I’m waiting on an Uber. I’m not trippin’ though, because I know that this Uber (Us) is going to take me to a lifetime of fulfillment.

Better yet, waiting on you is like waiting on a pan of German Chocolate Brownies, my fav BTW, to finish baking. As the brownies bake and that sweet, delicious aroma stirs up my hunger, I can only dream of the pleasures yet to come. And as that first bite hits my tongue and that warm, soft and moist place of heaven explodes in my mouth, I know that it was all worth the wait.

In returning to my earlier remarks on the pleasures yet to come, I often imagine you being warmer, softer and more moist at the touch of my tongue, exploding in my mouth just like that German Chocolate Brownie. Yeah, baby, I’m nasty, but you haven’t a clue as to how nasty I can get… yet. (Smile)

What’s your favorite dessert? Being that I enjoy cooking, I look forward to baking your favorite dessert and seductively feeding it to you while stealing kisses in between bites. (Smile)

With you being a unique woman and me being a unique man, I understand that it’s going to take a unique set of circumstances to bring us together. Which is why I’m patient, or as patient as can be, because I know that this time of longing for you will only serve as a reminder, whenever we’re finally linked together, to appreciate every second, every minute, every hour with you.

I love you, my Queen!

With all my heart,
Your Future Husband… Andre

Photo by Elana Selvig on Unsplash

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