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Read the testimonials about Prison Friendship. We think it is important to share with the world the positive experiences of our members and their pen pals. They are inspiring and transformational. We encourage you to read them and maybe share a story of your own. If you have a testimony, please send it to our email: prisonfriendship1@gmail.com. We would enjoy hearing from you.

PF.com true life storys:

Robert Farmer

Robert & Katja

"Dear PrisonFriendship I'm writing you asking for you to take down my ad, I found the love of my life because of your website. Thank you very much, I've enclosed a photo of us. Her name is Katja and she is from Germany and we are on our way to the altar. You can put this photo on your website. Thanks Sincerely," Robert Farmer


"My future wife found me on PrisonFriendship.com! Now I have a whole new perspective on life. Words can't express how thankful I am."


Pat H.


"I'm so grateful for the service that you offer. It has allowed me and my ministry into the life of your members. The people that we have had the opportunity to minister to have brought a true joy to our church group. God bless you!."


I was a bit hesitant to start a profile, not knowing what kind of response I would get. Let me take this opportunity to let you know I have had more mail in the past 6 months since starting this profile than I expected. I have made some great friendships. I look forward to checking my e-mails every day now. Thank you for making your service available.

James C.

Ceasar V.


"I was very skeptical about joining a pen pal site. So when I didn't receive any responses right away I thought it was just like all the other websites... However, two months later the girl of my dreams has come to my rescue. Thanks for teaching patience and that something remarkable can happen when you don't expect it."


"I’m from Europe and have been pen paling with a few people for almost a year now. It’s a long story about why I decided to write someone in prison and in America on top of it. People have asked me why I didn’t write someone in my own country and the answer is simple. I never wanted to write someone that I might actually have to meet in the end + our system is so different. It is a lot fairer and our prisoners gets treated as human beings. I just wanted to reach out my hand and be a friend to someone that might actually just need a friend in the darkness.. Today I have a really great friend and his letters always makes me smile. He is a sweetheart but I also met the man of my dreams… I didn’t even know I had a dream man until I met him… And never in a million years would I have thought that I would find my true partner in a prison so far away…….."


Jim Fussell


"Gratitude for individuals I have met along the way.." by Jim Fussell June 8, 2020 In 1978 I began my sentence, fresh from the county jail to adult prison, The Old Ohio Pen was my new home away from home. Being young, prison was a real eye opener. I had never known anyone who spent time in prison, I had no instruction manual to guide me. Each day was a learning experience. In time I began the pen pal scene. With that I met Bill. A professional from another state. We corresponded, had visits and over the years we formed a friendship. Thru Bill I met his family and his friends. One of his friends was a married lady named Jean. We too hit it off and became friends. When I first expressed interest in painting, Bill and Jean both were eager to provide me with the necessary supplies.Thanks for teaching patience and that something remarkable can happen when you don't expect it."

In time I engaged in several fund raiser events, charitable functions and they saw how much joy those activities brought to me. They were able to be a valuable part of those events as well. Both always full of encouragement and supporting my every step.

Domino Deeds was created, thru that venue, I met many many people, became aware of the pain so many innocent people endure, due to illness, handicap or other things that devastate peoples lives. I wanted to be part of a movement to at least show those affected, that someone cares.

I saw just how far reaching Domino Deeds could go, other countries, places around the world that you would never imagine. With the existence of Domino Deeds I had reason to get involved in TEDx talks. This venture as well, created a whole new world, people I would not normally encounter.

If I had not reached out to strangers, over 38 years ago, Domino Deeds may never have become a reality. With no Domino Deeds there would not be over nine thousand individuals and causes touched, helped, not to mention the domino effect of good deeds rippling around the world.

If those first people had not taken a chance on a pen pal, the past/present/future may be very bleak. Even today, things snowball and with Domino Deeds, I met like minded individuals that have their own social enterprise, called Designed Conviction.

A collaberation evolved between the two and I have become friends with those responsible. Candace is a remarkable person who shares a lot of the things I though only I liked. She has proven to be a true Gem.

With that collaberation, Life of a Lifer Podcast became a reality, as well. I tend to hold onto friendships for decades. Sure there are sad times when someone I’ve met the past 42 years of incarceration, passes away. My heart breaks each time. However I hold onto the memories and I always give credit where it is due.

If it were not for meeting people thru pen pals and on social media, I may have never experienced reform. May have never had the opportunity to reach out and touch lives in a helpful manner. Together, strangers can move mountains, open doors, mend broken hearts and create miracles. Strangers can even experience trust and friendship, perhaps even love. Strangers hold the key.

Those reading this, they each have the power to change lives. All it takes is logging onto JPAY and planting that seed of hope.

Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity to reach your eyes and heart. You are deeply appreciated, you matter.

Jim Fussell