Covid "2021"

Covid “2021”

A new year for a greater start
to overcome last years largest lost,
tragic waves flowing with deep pains seeping through our veins, the unforeseeable that’s hardly treatable disturbing humane with its torturous presence, panic is what it wants, causing humane to lose its mind, falling into a disastrous pit creating greater harm, covid is the beast, as it only know how to destruct and disturbed the peace, 2021 as we make our stand, sharpening our mind as a striking sword, strengthening our hearts as we push forward, living each day of this year out of fear, love is what this enemy don’t like as we smile with our chin held high, unity it wants to break, so we must combine and shred the prejudice, envy and jealousy that others have inside.

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Maurice Hawkins #A636-676

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