The thought of you cheating has got me heated
and stressed/
Remember days of loving you, you loving me was the best/
Now everything is a mess
gets no respect cause you’re shady/
Called you baby must been crazy
thinking you was my lady/
Maybe I was in love/
they say there’s no love for thugs
but my heart was shaken out
and been stepped on like a rug/
and y’all I felt it inside/
while she walk with my pride/
couldn’t keep my head up
but I was to strong to cry/
though I try puffing LA
not to think about the past/
she had my boys laughing at me
like she played your ass…

You told me you’d stay true to
I guess you changed/
impressed by the way his chain
shined and bling/
impressed by finer things
what I ain’t loving you right/
I picture him holding you tight
and I swear I wanna fight/
sick of spending long nights
waiting thinking bout you/
thinking bout the good and bad times
that we been through/
thought it would last in the past
Now I’m glad you gone/
hope this song let you know that you did me wrong/
played it smart broke my heart
had me in a zone/
who was you with lastnight
it wasn’t Greg Tyrone/

She had me buggin
living life as a thug
and heart broken/
locen off the chronic I’m smoking/
and drinking Hennessey/
Thought you were my wife to be/
fulfill your fantasies/
Pictured us taking trips
over 7 seas/
What was the reason you’d lie/
cheat and despise/
yeah you saying you love me
but you can’t look in my eyes/
It was all a surprise
when you was coming home late/
always dipping had me flipping
It was all a fake/
and I can’t take it no more/
I never felt this before/
when I saw you with him
my heart fell to the floor/

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