Renardo Minor

Hello! My name is Renardo Minor. Nice to meet you!

Hey, hey now! It’s a bit awkward for me to express myself in an indirect manner, so I ask that you bear with me for a minute. If you’re reading this then you already know the basics about me; however, there is so much more than what’s in black & white.
For the past 18 years I’ve been incarcerated and having to learn how to live without. To say that was and still is a challenge, is an understatement. While within I had to become familiar with my potential and possible placement in the time to come. Ironically, adversity has been a blessing in disguise in allowing me to embrace my true Self as I am.
My purpose in projecting myself to the world is to connect and network with domestic & foreign, with the hope continuing to evolve into a better man.

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