Druce Martin

Hello! My name is Druce Martin.

 I seek to share in conversation with someone whose words intoxicate. Someone that can look beyond a person’s past and engage upon a voyage that sets them on a path to getting to know a great human being that values family, true friendship and honesty. Let us peel away the layers that conceal the true us that lives beneath the surface and rejoice in the joy of the journey. Allow me to be the one that makes you laugh and puts a smile on your face, or simply the shoulder to which you lay your head upon when times are a little tough. Maybe you can be the same for me. Together we can carve out the darkness that comes with this walk called life, and expose more sunshine to our cloudy days. I’m an open minded person that enjoys music, sports and a beautiful smile among other things. One of the things I enjoy must is a person with a great personality. I like to consider that the ultimate asset.

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