Dean Preston

Hi there, my name is Dean A. Preston and I am in my 24th year of incarceration with 9 more to go until I see the parole board. For each and every one of those years I have endeavored to be a better man than the man I was before. That has not always been a straight and narrow road, it’s been full of twists, turns and the occasional pothole. I worked my way from maximum security down to medium and hope to be returning to the maximum security facility (SOCF) soon to start a mentorship/friendship program for the inmates there. My proposal is in the hands of the director, so we’ll see. Why would I do such a thing? It’s needed, that’s why. When I studied Agile Java, javascript, python etc. I did so with a “we’re responsible to teach each other what we know” mentality.

Den is also a very talented painter. Go check out his work at:  Dean Preston Art Gallery ~ Prison Friendship

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