Book by its cover

Book by its cover!?

Being new on ’THIS’ site,

I’m dropping a ’NEW’ blog,

Being incarcerated, ’WE’ inmates,


You can’t ’judge a book by it’s cover’.

As like ’my’ case.


Because ’I’ WASN’T there.

The alleged victim lied

All the way through this matter

But me being an advocate for ’CHANGE’

Is now, or should i say

’HAVE PAID’ the price, since 2006.

Innocent. No footprints, no fingerprints.

A vendetta got me sentence to maximum consecutive sentences, my

First and only time in prison.

So look not down on me because my current location/situation.

But I leave people who are interested with this;

‘All great leaders ‘MUST’ endure something!’

THIS was ‘my’ something!!

Reach out to me, ahead of time

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