BIGHOMIE O.G. speaks

BIGHOMIE O.G. speaks

Sometimes people can get the wrong perception of the men and women behind the walls of jails and prisons across the world as far as when it comes to making connections with people in custody. And sometime, if not most of the time, they can be right, especially after watching t.v. reality shows like love during lockup, love after lockup and life after lockup that airs on wetv. You have these individuals that happen to be not that person who they made themselves out to be in the beginning. Well I’m here to say that there are great men in the prisons of Illinois.

I believe women just have to find her perfect match because any and every man you might meet aint gone be the one for you. The same things that are occurring with relationships behind these walls occur every single day in relationships across this crazy world. I strongly believe ima great individual and I’ve had some bad relationships in my past because I used to be shy and I was afraid of commitment.

Over time I’ve become a better person and no matter how many not so great relationships i ve been in. I’ve learned from each one that i can only blame myself for them because I’ve met some great women in my life but i ve learned that I can’t let past relationships carry on or play an effective role in my next or any future relationship. In my past i didn’t see marriage or kids in my future but as I grew my outlooks begin to change as I began to grow mentally as a person. I begin to understand morals and standards. Prison made me realize just how much i missed out on so much.

Now I appreciate the small things in life that i once didn’t. And one of those small things is the sense of family. I don’t wanna be misjudged based on my past because even though I wasn’t a good boy I was never a violent or abusive or bad person. You do have good ppl behind these walls who are great ppl, maybe the majority has bad motives and intentions but not all. It’s up to you as an individual to take the risk/chance on whatever you’re pursuing.

So ladies please don’t be misled that all men in prison are the same because they’re not i can only speak for myself. And I’m not speaking out about anything other than the truth. Don’t let past relationships or reality tv mislead you to believe every man’s lockup are worthless. Because I don’t think every or any woman is worthless, i believe its all about who you match up with perfectly, not saying that either partner has to be perfect at all.

But in a relationship it’s about knowing what you want outta life, knowing yourself and finding that person who matches / balances out with your wants and needs. In my past i didn’t fully know me or what I wanted, needed , liked or loved and i think that plays a major role in relationships.

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