Beginnings By Kirk Saintcalle

I was once told that having your cake and eating it too can be fun. Sometimes it can affect you when you least expect it. I have done nothing, but have done lots. It’s not enough, the future is before me. Time is on my side. Stress, anger, disappointment and the unknown is trying to destroy what has not begun. My presence is needed, it has always been needed. I believe in myself; even when no one else did. I know what I want and will do. Nothing can stop me. Sometimes we must do what we do not want to do for greater good. Sometimes people do not know how to love. Sometimes anger consumes our hearts and just sometimes the moment in life is wrong or it’s passed. I am not trying to catch or make up anything. I am starting from where I am at. This journey is over. I am getting ready for the next one. Kdub passed November 20th, 2020. When I say that people don’t understand what that means, it means a lot. Idiots wonder, stupid people assume, smart people ask. People who obtain knowledge learn, and those who are wise ask, learn, and apply it. Knowledge is not power. Common sense is not common. Right is right… wrong is wrong… is not true either.

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