I see you shine and glow with the glory of God. Your success comes from a life of commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. Probably to the point that your own happiness suffered. Your faith carried you through. I understand some of your feelings. My own sacrifice for money. Driving around the country in a Tractor Trailer. Never being at home.

Your beauty is a gift that comes directly from God. I’ve seen it for thousands of years, and when I see you. I’m held under your spell, with a timeless admiration. The creator made us for each other as a gift of love. So that we walk through this life together in Friendship… Man and Woman.

No matter how far apart by distance or time. We always find our way back to one another. Drawn to each other like magnets. When you see my face and eyes, you say to yourself there is something about him I like. Understand what you are seeing is love and admiration and knowing our Friendship is supernatural and eternal.

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

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