David Hudson

Welcome to David Hudson Art Gallery:


It seems that I have a destiny that’s still to be told or to unfold. Meaning that I’ve escaped death several times. I know that in this life we all will pass to the other side some day. Some unwillingly, but some will accept their fate. Some will be happy with expressions of joy to meet their creator. For all it will be a day and time of rebirth into something with explanations of things that were and that are to be. Many books have been written trying to explore or explain these truths. We are born into the world with a slap on the rump to make us breathe, our tiny lungs fill with air and we give out a wailing scream because we have been forced out of our mother’s womb into a strange new world and it’s our first inception of pain. It is our first stage of emotions expressed, outside the womb.

Why do I start out this way? Because my art takes me places, as in birth, art has a beginning, whether it’s painting, music, song, or dance. It all has to begin somewhere. I believe it starts with our emotions. We are drawn to it, whatever the reason. It can be something as simple as hearing a tune of music, seeing a colorful picture, or being a part of a play at the elementary level or even in adulthood. There are the drastic things that can occur in life that sometimes bring us to our knees and our emotions need to be able to express themselves. These can be released in similar manners, but sadly, on occasion, deep depression can set in. Some self-medicate or get wrapped up in seeing a psychologist (sometimes they are needed), some may strikeout, unfortunately, in harmful ways.

Mine was the latter, I had some things that happened to me and a great loss had occurred and I didn’t know how to express the loss of my family so anger, rage, frustrations, loneliness, all these emotions racing through my mind had set in. I sought out help after the facts, which to many may seem too late for redemption, but it’s not. Much like in war veterans, police officers, teachers, growing up in the streets or projects, even being incarcerated for decades of time. You can suffer from various forms of (PTSD) Post Trauma Stress Disorder. A solution has to be found. I’m not going to argue the validity of the different situations, this is how I see life and the turnabouts concerning it.

So why do I say all these things? I’ve been reborn into an understanding of myself and my failures. That rebirth first through Jesus Christ who has shown me through my artwork ways to express my emotions and He is setting me even higher on the precipice of freedom within my soul, allowing me to share my art with others so they can receive freedom within themselves. Our God has given us (all) the ability to be creative, share those emotions, to bring freedom to ourselves and to others in so many ways. His gifts are very unique to each individual. Sometimes we are allowed to suffer so we can help out our fellow man, who may have been or is presently going through the same thing. Thus, my love of art. David Lee Hudson