Another 4th of July

Another 4th of July, another (HOLIDAY….)

Yet not a word, or a peep from anyone from the outside world.
I long for (ANY) connection to the world ”out there.” The world where time doesn’t stop, like it does in here moving on without us. ‘That’s what it’s like in here. Time stops in the sense that people, happenings, events, growth, mile marks, technology, even memories created for others are not created for you. Time moves on without you, and takes everyone, and everything with it leaving you in a time and place where you got locked up. A ”time capsule ” per say.
So, I’m still searching for that tender voice, those words of kindness etched into an email. I yearn for human to human contact, and connection. Friendship, companionship, communication, Friendship! Someone who understands, and is compassionate to see me as well as accept me for ”WHO I AM” on the inside, and not for the things I’ve done, as we have all done things….
I’m not one to judge others, but to look down deep for who they are on the inside of their heart, rather than the surface garb. I don’t need judgement. I have to live with (ALL) of the things I’ve done, and said.
I just need a friend, and companionship.

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

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