Just An Ordinary Joe

Just An Ordinary Joe

Hey there world! How’ve you been? Me… same ole, same ole. 🙂 Still trying to be the best me I can be. Saw some family a few days ago. That was really nice. Hope all is well with you out there. I wrote such an amazing & tantalizing bio, I don’t really know what to put here. LoL Sure hope Covid has let up around the globe. My little world of family in Chicago has told me it’s way less prevalent there. We are off lockdown in my facility, but some semblance of normalcy has returned and it’s really nice to get back those small freedoms where freedoms are few and far between.

Just a reminder my facility’s email system at GTL ConnectNetwork.com does not allow me to email out. If you supply an email you must add me first thru ConnectNetwork.com then I can email you back.

Well, I’m getting close to my goal of a paralegal degree and learning a lot more about the law (maybe I should’ve done that prior to this case) LBVS. Tell me what’s new and interesting in your world. Joe

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  1. Good for you working to become a paralegal. The world needs good people to help decipher the law because the legal system sucks at times.

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