A Little More About Me

A Little More About Me

 A Little More About Me – Some of my interests are working on cars. When I get out I plan on rebuilding a 60’s Nova. Some favorite movies are: Gladiator, Underworld, The Bourne series, and Pretty Woman. Favorite TV series: Three’s Company, I Love Lucy, Three Stooges, and Gilligan’s Island.

I like to read non-fiction books about the following subjects: Sumerian Texts, Giants, Human Origins, UFO’s, and Antigravity, and I read fiction as well. I grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to Gig Harbor, Washington at age 30

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  1. I love stuff to do with aliens or ghosts, a big believer in all that stuff 🙂and america is like my dream place to go to but probably won’t ever happen lol

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