A Little More About Me

A Little More About Me

 A Little More About Me – Some of my interests are working on cars. When I get out I plan on rebuilding a 60’s Nova. Some favorite movies are: Gladiator, Underworld, The Bourne series, and Pretty Woman. Favorite TV series: Three’s Company, I Love Lucy, Three Stooges, and Gilligan’s Island.

I like to read non-fiction books about the following subjects: Sumerian Texts, Giants, Human Origins, UFO’s, and Antigravity, and I read fiction as well. I grew up in Los Angeles, California and moved to Gig Harbor, Washington at age 30

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  1. I love stuff to do with aliens or ghosts, a big believer in all that stuff 🙂and america is like my dream place to go to but probably won’t ever happen lol

  2. I’m an I LOVE LUCY fan also. I actually named my 1st daughter after her, Lucy, although now she goes by; Mars at aged 18, lol. Kids nowadays
    60s Novas are Sweeeet!! My dream is to own a muscle car one day, I love to drive fast on these back roads around here the green river gorge in wa. I get up to 100mph on one of the roads outta this hole. I say this hole but the gorge is 250ft downhill hiking to reach the green river, because it’s a gorge the rapids are ranked as most dangerous and challenging to kyackers. At least 2 people lose their lives after diving into a calm park of the river and get swept away by the current before they can swim over the the left to the land. There’s like a shute that’s very a very narrow spot for the water to flow thru, so u can only imagine how much force it actually has. I’ve heard stories of people that get sucked down under. It’s one of the most BEAUTIFUL places God had created on this earth. I love living out here, the fact that it’s an rv park is nil n void cuz I separate myself out on that trail down all you can hear up top here is the loud sound of the raging river. If I could, I’d forever live out in the wood. But there would probably be someone that has an issue with it.

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