A Commentary on Gun Rights

A Commentary on Gun Rights

A Commentary on Gun Rights – Despite my circumstances, I try to stay engaged in the world; I watch a variety of news outlets and read what I can. I sit and listen to the different commentators and try to understand the perspectives on many issues–sometimes very difficult.

The last couple weeks, like many, I watched saddened by the violence that lulled 19 children and 2 adults in Uvalde, Texas. What was worse was listening to the debate thereafter on gun rights, some were actually justifying the policy climate that allows for these atrocities.

Let me paint a quick picture of this climate:

Gun violence kills thousands each year. We’ve had hundreds of mass shootings and we’re just over halfway through. A lot of these are done with assault rifles (military grade weapons are being used on kids); there are cities like Chicago where people carry guns illegally due to gang violence and when jailed their response is, “It’s better to get caught with one, than without one”. The threat of violence causes one to prefer the consequences of getting caught with a gun. There’s also a distrust of the police (who are meant to protect) and the way they employ their weapons. See where the current policies have gotten us?

I know all the arguments for the Second Amendment, but let’s be honest most of the reasons that was created for no longer exist. After the Revolution, as our forefathers were trying to form a young Democratic nation, there was a real threat from the political, social and natural climates. Though as we have matured into a more civilized nation, other than a few exceptions the climate no longer renders it necessary. I’m not advocating abolishing the Amendment here. I am saying we need policies reflecting who we are today.

I know it’s a touchy topic in the first place, but I am inspired to be the kind of writer -fiction or nonfiction- calling into question cultural norms. Gun rights are one of many issues I believe need reinventing, so our identity can shine forth.

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